Monday, September 25, 2006

So tired

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. I need new pictures the boys are changing so much. But I haven't been able to develop any just yet. We have been so Busy in the Crabtree house. School is wild and none stop. I have two new team mates on my team and I feel like I am still so new to 5th grade yet I have to teach them the ropes. My classes are so low and I have been taking it personal. Am working so hard yet I'm not getting any thing back. I pray that by the end of the year my hard work will pay off. This is just a tough group of kids. Kevin has been gone a lot and it's really hard. He is the junior high youth leader at our church now and it takes a lot of our time together away. I know he is doing God's work but I really need more time with him. Is that selfish of me? He is also still taking college courses and filling out applications all over to try to get a police officer position. I have also taken on a role of a Shepard in our children's service. I love it!!! It is so rewarding when doing GOD's work. It gives you such a wonderful and powerful feeling. But then again I am so tired. I just need to breath for a minute. I have to say that typing this is actually relieving my stress and helping me to express what I really can't put in words. Well enough rambling for onenight:)