Sunday, May 27, 2007

And the summer is just starting

We have had so much fun and summer has not even started yet. These two are so cute I could not resist sharing. Teh water is still cold but watering the grass is so much fun and entertaining.As some of you know that Briggs truck sitting in front of the house is Kevin's work truck. Well it is gone:) Kevin quit last week and starts a new job on Tuesday. He has been blessed with the oppurtunity to join a new company. Hopefully he will be much happier and more money is always nice:) so that leaves me with the boys from wake up to about 5 by myself. I can't wait. We are going to have a blast. They are both at the age that they will play until they hit the floor. They play well with each other sometimes, however other times they both like to pick at each other. But in the end they both say they are sorry and go on their way. We are trying to teah them both to use their words not their hands. And Yes Rusty talks up a storm. He has started saying more than one word at a time. Yesterday I gave hunter candy and he said. I want it too!

And if you count to him to stop something you have to hold back the smile and laughter. For example I'll say Rusty get out of mommy's room. 1... ANd Rusty says, 2,3,4. It just blows my mind. Well I guess two blogs in one day is enough. Happy Summer!!

Look at his tounge! I look watching the boys explore the world!

Fun in the mud

Well as you can see we went and played in the mud. The boys had a blast. Good thing I don't mind getting muddy myself since Ihave two boys. There has been so much rain thatw e just never get outside time. So today in between rain falls we went out and look what fun we had. Hunter usually is Mr. Clean or else guy but not today. Rusty on the other hand never minds. In fact he fell in the mud puddle face first. Whinned a little and then died laughing. Just look at his face it is covered in mud. I should have taken a picture of the bath tub!