Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a quick update... My dad is still in the hospital but getting stronger every day. HE is receiving radiation to stop the cancer in is lung from bleeding. However he does still have cancer in other parts of his body as well. I think we all hope for some miracle to cure him, but we all know that within time his time will come an end. But so will everyone else. We are just going to enjoy the time we have. Right now he has absolutely NO pain. Which is great ans I hope it stays that way. Most of the time dad is in a great mood and is excited to be alive. He has even spoken of attending church with my mom which he has never done and wants to find what it is that GOD left him here for. However today he was very upset and GRUMPY from no sleep so that was rough on all of us. My mom does not want him to be left alone just in case the doctors come so that we can hear what is next so this week mom went back to work and I have stayed with dad. I have enjoyed the time especially knowing that we never know when it may be taken from us. My kids and Kevin went to Nebraska and I have been home alone. I am so ready for them to return, which means less time at the hospital but that is OK I need a break also. Thanks for those of you that read this and have been praying for my dad. I use to wonder how people who were going through something like this could be so strong and so close to GOD, but I understand now more than ever. You have to be strong and rely on GOD to do his job(whatever it might be).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

first week of summer

I have been at the hospital every chance I have to be with mom and dad. They have been preparing us for the worst since he went in the hospital last Tuesday. However last night they were able to take Dad of the respirator!! And he really really wants to talk, but we have to tell him to concentrate on his breathing and get his throat better before he talks. I know he is not fixed but we made it through this part:) You never know what God might do. I read somewhere on someones blog about a family who could not turn the respirator off and I some what understand but I also feel that if there is no improvement that you have to let GOD do his part. God is definitely watching over us.

On another note. Hugely is not the only hospital I have spent time at this week. While washing the car, Hunter decided to ride his bike he hit the water hose and fell chin first. He now has 6 stitches. It looked terrible and he had another smiley face on his chin however he was wasn't smiling at all:( I am so thankful that my neighbor ran over to help. I usually keep myself Calm but I believe it about pushed me over the edge. Here are pictures of hunter and his bad chin. Poor baby!

Please keep praying for my dad he is not out of the woods yet. And Pray for my mom she has only left the hospital once in 8 days. She is cleaning up, eating and sleeping but she has to be exhausted.

Friday, June 06, 2008

My Dad

My dad in the hospital in ICU . He is not doing well. And he does have cancer along with being really sick. He is on a ventilator now. Time will tell wether he will make it off of it. Please pray for him and us too.