Monday, October 19, 2009

Girl Cousin's Weekend 2009

Each year the Bush Girl Cousins get together for a weekend. We had so much fun this year dressing up, playing games and making crafts.

This was the eighth year that we have gotten together. It has been a great experience gettign to know cousins and hearing stories about them growing up. it make sme feel so close to me Papa and Daddy!

Jennie and Meagan were my summer sisters. I went camping for many years with their family and they have always been like sisters!

My mom was absolutely beautiful as always! i am so glad to have a mom that I am so close to!! I don't know what I would do with out her in my life!

After returning from the weekend I even made a birthday present for a friend of Hunter's using the same idea. Thanks Jennie for teaching us to be crafty!

Columbus Day

Columbus day the boys and I got to stay home together. We ahd so much fun and we had free entertainment. They are working on our street and when you have boys they want to see all the action. We went and got donuts that we ate while watching the men at work. I'm sure they loved our stares . Here are some pictures mostly taken by the photographer Hunter!!!!

After watching all the men work the boys wanted to work and get dirty too! Rusty would not let me take his picture of him at work. He was digging up the empty flower bed and putting the dirt all over the driveway. It was a mess but he was having so much fun!