Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I am knocking on wood as I type...... Rusty slept all night last night and the night before. It is awesome to sleep all night:) Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Thanks God for the break:)

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Rusty has been on his new medication for 6 days now, and we have seen some change. He is sleeping better at night. He still wakes up twice but is not as wild and crazy. he cries and throws his fit yet tells me"juice" which mean a drink. Then he has been laying with me and just talking away! He says- tank u, wuv u, juice, baaaa(bath), side (outside), gogog(dog) noooo noooo, and many more words I just love hearing him talk and he gives amazing hug and kisses

Hunter is such a sweetheart also. I had to take him to the doctor on Thursday and he thanked me for taking care of me. He had to have breathing treatment and I told him it would be ok not to worry he got off the table came over to me and said " Mommy you don't need to worry either I am a brave boy you can be brave to mommy" I though I was going to cry. I'm an emotional person and it doesn't take much.

Kevin and I had a day alone today. His parents kept the kids and we went to Canton. I think we really needed it. To walk together holding hand and talking really made my day and there were no interruptions. Every couple needs to make alone time. Kevin is such a wonderful husband. Lately he has made sure that I have time away and for myself and has made sure that I take care of myself and not just everyone else. I think I'll keep him:)