Monday, April 28, 2008

Swing Batter Batter

Hunter is doing really well on his basebal team. He no longer lays in the field or spins in circles until the last inning:) They are so cute to watch we do however have a great team. We have not lost a game yet. The other teams appear to be much younger or more immature than our team. You end up cheering for both teams because they are just so cute!

Kevin and I take turns during the games watching Rusty play. He could care less about most of the game. But he still has fun!
Here is Rusty while watching the games. In the top picture he is drawing and below he is watching the game aon a very windy day!

On another note! I feel like I'm losing my mind. My dad went back to the hosptial coughing up blood again after being observed and getting the blood to stop again they sent him home. He has a ct scan next week to find out about the spot on the lungs that they saw this time. We are ot sure if it is the same spot or a new one. He seems to be doing great but he is depressed and tired.
Kevin has been down with his back for a week and will be going to the doctor tomorrow.
Rusty's behavior is going to drive me insane!!!!!!! And Rusty will be admitted as an outpatient next Monday for a scoping of his esophugus and an Ph brobe to test acid levels. They will put him to sleep and then do the scoping and place the probe. We will come home a few hours later with the probe in place and pray that he does not rip it out! Why are we doing this? Well for about a year or more Rusty has not slept many nights! He still wakes up and screams as if he is in pain. He and I spend most of our days exhausted. If I donot give him his acid reflux medicine then we will not get ANY sleep at all just a LONG LONG night!!!!! So finally the doctor has decided to see if it is his acid reflux or something in that area.... I hope this gives us answers. I often wonder is with a good nights rest how Rusty might act. I am reading another book to give me some parenting advice. Most people probably think that we never do anythng but we really do try REALLY hard. Sometimes it is not only exhausting trying to correct him and others reporting his behavior but looking for the perfect advice that will cure him. Maybe the terrible two's will come and go and give me a sweet Rusty all the time. Anyways enough of my problems!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well alot has been going on! Dad went home and is doing pretty good! He seems angry and I wish I knew how to help! BUt he is making some major life changes and it must be difficult. I get in a bad mood just from not having a DrPepper so I know it must be hard.

We had Easter at our house again this year. It was really strange to not have my mom and dad here to help celebrate. I had a hard time enjoying the day becasue I wanted to be with them, but at the smae time yu just can't miss Easter Egg Hunting with your kids. Hunter had a blast hunting for eggs but Rusty could have cared less. He would pick up an egg and put it back. We did however Easter Egg Hunt at church the week before and he was thrilled with the fact that he could pick up as many as he wanted to. I guess one Hunt was enough for him!

In the last few weeks Rusty has learn to ride his. He just got on one day and took off! The look on his face was priceless! He wants so badly to keep with Hunter but his little legs just can't move fast enough.

Kevin took the traing wheels off of Hunter's bike which royally ticked Hunter off! He was determined to never ride his bike again. Kevin worked with him but he kept falling off. The next day I tried working with him but without a sidewalk it is pretty difficult to help Hunter and keep Rusty from riding off to far. So I took them to the park. I got Hunter to trust me enough to help him and we worked for about 10 minutes and he was off on his own until he need to stop of course. But he never got hurt. The next day we practiced stopping and taking off and now he is a PRO! Now Rusty really can't catch up! It is awesome to see the two of them learn new things.
Hunter has also start T-ball I'll try to get those pictures posted soon.