Monday, February 26, 2007

Prayers are being heard:)

Sunday at church we mentioned to several people that we were having such a terrible time with Rusty Sleeping. We had not really shared it much becuase we know it could be much worse. Everyone said they would include us in theri prayers. Last night we set the video tape up to record Rusty in action at night and we joked that he would probably sleep. Guess what???????
He slept until 4 and then I changed his diaper and he rolled over and went to sleep. This is the 13th time since October that we have slept all night without Rusty up for hours screaming, kicking and head bashing us. I really feel that we were in the prayers of many people last night and God stood by his side patting him to sleep. I however woke up many times wondering if he was ok or if I had slept and not heard him cry.
We went to the doctor today for Rusty's 15 month check up. He weighs 25.8lbs and is 34 inches long. We talked about the whole sleep thing and the doctor suggested shortening Rusty's naps. But he sleep about 45 min in the monring and 1hr 30 min after lunch. He then kept trying to leave the room and send the nurse in for shots. But we kept reminding him that we are not sleeping. He then said he didn't know where to start he mentioned that their was only one thing he could think of and that Rusty really showed no other signs. ACID REFLUX~~~~~ But Kevin has had Acid Reflux since birth and so has Hunter. If anyone was around Hunter as a baby you know how he would spit up. It was terrible. Rusty only spit up sometimes and only a little. However he has been spitting up a little lately in the evenings. Anyways we are trying a medication to see if it solves the problem. This would only be a minor problem and it would be great to have found a cure!!! I can't wait to see the turn out of the next few days. I pray that this is it. Thanks to everyone for your prayers!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's about time!!!

I know it has been forever since I have posted anything new. I just can't seem to find time to stop and write sometimes let alone post pictures. I have 18 rolls of film to develope so I actually have no new pictures. So now for a catch up session.
School has been crazy. We had a teacher that we hired in August leave so we had to hire a new teacher. To be honest it was an answeres prayer her and I really knew how to make life miserable. She thought everything that I did to help her was a waste of time and she felt it was necessary to tell me along with other not so nice comments. Anyways to make a long story short we have hired a brand new teacher that is just wonderful. She is easy to work, flexible, smart and a great teacher. Sorry the other teacher that I have bad names for had none of these qualities. So the stress has changed a little bit. However I'm really feeling the TAKS pressure and it SUCKS!!!!!!! Along with TAKS we have a principal who comes up with Crazy idea like an American Idol Talent Contest!!!!! I can't sing or dance. But however tomorrow I will be on stage doing both with my team!!!! OH Great!!!! I'm sure it will be funfor the kids and they will have something to think about while they are stressing on the test to cheer them up.
Anyways enough about school@!
Kevin and I have become very involved at our church and I just love it. He spends a lot of time witht he youth! Sometimes I'm jealous but I know he is really being a supporter for those kids and they need it. I work with the k-1 in our children's service. Last week I spent my time with a 5 yr old autistic child. Although he took all my energy I really felt blessed to work with him and I feel like we connected. It also made me that more thankful for my boys even if they are a handful.
My boys have really grown Hunter has turned 4 and it seems tobe a magical age. He wants to act like a big boy now(sometimes). He has decided that it is ok to learn and he is excited to learn the light bulb really turned on last week. It is awesome. We have to pause TV all the time for him to tell us what letters are on TV. I owe it all to our sitter forher hard work. Once I get home there is not much time to make him do it. Now that he is interested that is all we do when we get home. He recognizes letters all over the place and sometimes he even knows how they sound. What a CHAMP!
Rusty has become a hugger he loves to hug. An he sings MOMMA, MOMMA after every bath in such a sweet tune. he even tells us Nit Nit when he is tired. He falls way to much and seem to be brusied at least once on his face a week. Hopefully know one thinks we beat him. He just moves fast and plays rough.
We are however really struggling at night time with Rusty:( HE has woken up almost every night since October throwing an hour to two hour long fit )sometimes longer) He kick throw his head, arches his back and screams. Eventually he wears down and falls asleep. Sometimes we are lucky to get him in bed and other times we start all over again. The doctor thinks it is nighttorres an suggested giving him benedryl. Well that makes my kids hyper, what luck. So we thried a stronger drug Attarax. The first couple of night we are up all night fighting him and then we have a few days where he will sleep all night. I don't want to get him addicted to the meds and that be the only way he can sleep. We are now once again trying the attarax for two weeks to see if we can fix the problem. I have spent many nights awake with him crying because it seems like he is in pain and I can't fix it. They also say it could be teething but for 4 months straight??????? Please pray that whatever it is is figured out so that we can keep it from happening. Not only am I tired but worried. At least he is ok during the day. I guess that is a blessing.
Wll that is probbaly enough rambling as if someones actually going to read all of this. However it just feels good to get it all out. WOW I think I wrote a book:)