Monday, December 22, 2008

Where does time go

I never have enough time to blog any more. We are always on the go or busy playing here at home. So much has happened in the last few months that it will be hard to sum it up into one entry but I'll try my best.
First an update on Kendrick. Test results did come back and they were not good. Kendrick and his family were able to go home where they will celebrate Christmas with their family. Soon after Dec. 29 Kendrick will return for Radiation for 6 weeks M-F. They have said his life will be cut short due to the tumor that originated on his brain stem. My heart goes out to them for the pain they are enduring. They are strong Christians and they have never given up. Kendrick is such a good sport. I love when he smiles, his eyes just shine! Please keep them in your prayers.
What they have gone through has made me appreciate my family so much more.
My baby boy celebrated his 3rd birthday on Nov. 22. I can hardly believe that
he is already three. We a had a party with some of his friend and we had a blast. The huge monster truck bounce house was great entertainment. We have try to convince Rusty that he is 3 not 5. He knows he's three but he will tell you five and then giggle. He loved everyone singing to him.We have raked plenty of leaves this year however it takes a while around here to get them actually out of the yard and into the bag.

And now it is Christmas time where has time gone!!!! The boys sang in a Christmas program at church and they were so adorable. I didn't take video with my camera so only pictures for now. There is nothing like seeing your children up on stage singing at church. They love to sing!

This holiday season has been very difficult. I miss my dad and Meme so much and Christmas just won't be the same. I am so thankful for all the memories I have with them at Christmas time and all the photos I have with them. We are going to Nebraska this year. which I am not Happy about. I do not want to leave my mom but my little family needs me too. I hope and pray that next year is much different then this year. I hope it is filled with much love and happiness and I wish the same for all my family and friends!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our God is anAwesome GOD

Kendrick had surgery today and the family had been told they were sure it was cancer. They took him this morning at 6:15 and we heard a little throughout the day And 7:00 pm the doctor cam eout and spoke to Alica and Allen his parents. he does not think it is cancer any more but a biopsy is being done. He will be six for a while while recovering from such a long and difficult surgery. BUt when they said it did not seem to be cancer the whole room changed. it was like lifting this heavy weight off your chest that was keeping you from breathing. The faith that AQlicia and Allen have in the LORD is stronger than any other. And my faith has grown today watching them pray and praise GOD. Please keep them in your prayers.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I know I haven't posted in a while but I'll try to catch up later. For now I need your prayers. My best Friend Alicia who lives in Witchita Falls called me yesterday with and bad news. Her almost 5 year old had been careflighted to Cooks Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth. He had been acting strange so they had takenhim to a local hosptial. They found a tumor on his brain and have told them that it is cancer. Alica and Allen are both scared and worried out of their mind as all parent would be. Please pray for God's hands to be on their family at this time. They have 6 children the others are back in Witchita falls with their Grandma who are worried also. Hold your babies a little longer today andbe thankful for the little things.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Movie Date

Tonight was so much fun! Hunter and I went to the movies. it was Hunter's first time to ever go! I know some of you are probably shocked that it is his first time but I wanted him to be ready to sit the whole movie and he did it. My kids are not big movie watching sit down kind of kids. We saw Beverly Hill Chihuahua, and it was great! Hunter has done so well at school this year and had to do things a little differently last week and it was tough on him. Usually Kris, Kevin's mom, takes Hunter to school so he always just get there at the bell to go to class. But the week she was gone to Nebraska I took him and because the bell rings at the same time at my school his normal routine would not work. he had to go to the cafeteria and sit for 20-25 minutes. The first day I walked him in and he cried because he did not know anyone and wanted me to stay. I left teary eyed and felt terrible. The Next day we simply talked about being a big boy and doing big boy things. he said what are big boy thing and we talked about being Brave. then I decided if he could be brave and sit for 20 min. reading a book in silence then he could go to the movies. At first He cried and cried the second day but once we got to school he said mom I'm brave I can do this. And he gave me a hug , kiss and a wave good bye and off he went. then I was really Teary! What has happened to my Baby! Yet I was glad that no one had to pry him off me. Before having my own kid go to school I though other parents were crazy with no being able to leave their five year old and the five year old crying but when it is your turn you see it totally different. I told Hunter he was my date tonight and he was so proud. I just love my Hunter and I am so proud of him!

I'm proud of my littliest guy to. We have had 3 days of no crying or screaming or tantrums when I leave him in the morning! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I hope to have more days like that! Rusty is learning so much. He does a lot of learning and not a lot of playing which he complains about but I think he is the kid who needs lots of structure. He know the months of the year, I was so impressed when he said them to me. I'll have to try to catch him on tape. Along with Hunter reading.!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


We have new family member at the Crabtree House and we think her name will be Lucky. We have been told she is 8 weeks old but she seems kind of big. She belonged to a 16 year old boy who brought her home and his mother said no way! Which is really good for us. The boys have had a blast playing with her. Our other dogs are having to make some adjustments. Thye seem ok with her but try to stay away. We have had a lot of doggie time tonight trying to give everyone attention.
Brittney is not to sure, but soon Lucky will be bigger than her!
You can tell she is puppy because she plays and then takes a nap!

And her is Sandy just being happy!

Other than that Kevin has been sick. Whish is no fun considering today is his 29th birthday! Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and a wonderful daddy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just got bad news that meggie will not be coming to live with us. She did find a better home with a woman who lives on her own and needs a companion. Another person emailed her with the concern of her being 10 and joining a family with other children and dogs than she is use to. I am ok with the decision. All things happen for a reason:)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ok my blog has gone crazy! If you have a blog please email me at and tell me what you web address is so I can add you back in. I just now realized that the comment feature was gone:( I had wondered why there were no comment now I know why!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today through the group messages at work I got this email:

This is our dog Nutmeg. (We call her Meggie.) She is a 10-yr old,
very playful, very sweet female chocolate labrador. We have tried for
a year to give her a good home here in Wylie but do not have a yard
big enough for her. We tried bringing her inside, but Ainsley cannot
tolerate it with her allergies. We have tried unsuccessfully all
summer to find her a new home. We are completely heartbroken to do
this, but she will be going to the shelter next week. We have prayed
with our girls nightly and cried many tears together hoping someone
would like to have her as a part of their family. The vet has told us
she has no health problems and would likely live another 5-7 years.
The no-kill shelters are full and the shelter here in Wylie will only
keep her a few days before she is euthanized because she is an older
dog. If you or anyone you know would like to have her, please let us
know. She is housebroken, spayed, AKC registered and has had all her
immunizations. She's wonderful with children and her only behavior
issue is her fear of thunder and rain. (She likes to be inside the
garage or house when it is rainy.) We'd be willing to pay the cost of
her first year of food and regular vet care to anyone who'd give her a
good home.

Attached was also this picture

I could not help it I feel in love with her! And I could not stand the thought of her being put down. So I called Kevin and he asked what I was waiting for and that I was wasting time. SOOOOOOO I emailed her and tonight I talked to her owner who is truely heart broken and we should have a new family member hopefully this weekend. From talking to Stephanie her owner now she seems pretty much like my Sandy. Her girls are very sad about Meggie having to leave. The boys do not know yet and it is going to stay that way until she is actually ours. I can't wait to see how Meggie and our other dogs react with each other.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School!

Hunter ready for his big day!

Rusty is ready for his second week of school
Today was a very exciting day. We all had places to go, except daddy who stayed home today to be a part of a very special day! Hunter started Kindergarten today! I can hardly believe it. Kevin and I took Rusty and dropped him off at his new school that he started last week. he is still crying a little bit but he does ok. He has had really great days which is really awesome. After dropping him off we were off to Take Hunter. We parked and walked him in. He was very excited and not as nervous as he was at sneak a peek. We walked in he put his stuff away and then went t ohis table and got busy. I couldn't believe there were no tears. After I dropped Kevin off I was a little teary eyed. It is so hard to believe that he is a Kindergartner.

Putting his stuff up for the very first time.

One happy little guy!
He had a great day and is excited to go back tomorrow! What a big boy! Here he is talking about his day. Sorry his crazy mommy help the camera sideways for the first half:)

Here is Rusty on his first day of Children's lighthouse! He was so excited:)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Loss for Us but a Gain for Heaven

Today was another busy and difficult day! My Meme which is my dad's mom passed away on Thursday and her funeral was today. Losing her and my dad so close has been rough, it even sounds unreal or weird to say it. Sometimes I am ok and other times I just have a dificult time. The boys talk about my dad more now than ever before and they will add in that he is angel now. I try to be strong but sometimes I just can't. I have choosen to not just tell them about my Meme becasue Hunter took losing Papa really hard. he told me he was mad at me for not taking him to the hospital more when his Papa was sick. I always hate when my mom says that things come in three's but right now I hope she is right. In 5 weeks I have lost 3 members of my family and I think I have had enough. I know they are in a better place but I miss them very much. In honor of my Meme I have posted a picture of her. I hope she is up in heaven reuniting with the many people she has lost in her life. My Meme was my babysitter from 6 weeks old until I wasin junior High. She was a very dear friend and we could talk about anything. She was so loving and loved to take care of others.She has not been herself for a while now, but up in Heaven she is back to her happy, and jolly self. I love you Meme!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

It still doesn't seem real that dad is gone. However now I know he doesn't have to hurt or lay in the hospital bed that he hated so much. His service was wonderful and difficult. Mom and I have visited the grave several times , it seem to help her feel close to him. She has returned to work but is still having a difficult time. My brother and I spent a lot of time with her but now she is on her own more. She has been very upset because she wasn't there when it happened. But it just wasn't meant to be that way. I can't imagine how she must fell losing her husband of 34 years. In memory of my dad I wanted to share some pictures. I am so glad that I had the time I did with my dad. We had some really good talks, laughs and tears over the last few months that he was sick. Sometimes going to the hospital got old but I did it anyways. Now I wish I could go just one more time, but maybe that is selfish. I miss him and always will. I hope with time it will become a little easier for all of us. On top of losing my dad's, his mom, my meme, is not doing well Hospice has been called in and it is only a matter of time.

I love you Daddy!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Daddy went to Heaven on Wednesday!

Wed. morning I got a phone call from my mom crying she had lef the hospital earlier that morning at 7:30 and my dad was in great spirits and feelign great. They had watched a flock of white doves outside the window, Dad wanteed meat for breakfast and couldn't wait for the doctor to come in and release him to go home. he had receieved Chemo the day before and had no side effects and he was excited. I later found ou that the Chemo probaly caused the lung cancer to explode. Anyways mom left at 7;30 to go to work , Dad yelled out to her that he loved her and she left. 40 minutes later she was called to return to the hospital that dad had turned for the worst. When she got there he had already passed. When I arrived I was just kind of floating. And I have learned that no matter how ready you are it is still so very hard. I can't even begin to explain how it feels. I hope no one else ever has to experience losing a parent. I know that we all have to die but he was just so young. He was only 59. We are all doing as well as can be expected I guess. visitation tonight was very hard. But We survive. Please keep us in you prayer. I t hit Hunter tonight and he was wanting his Papa to come back. We talked for a long time and I only hope that tiem will heal his little heart. Thank you for the prayers. Tomorrow will be arough day with e funeral.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A fun summer

The summer has been lots of fun with the boys we have been staying busy with lots of fun things to do. We try to playoutsie a lot but it has just been so HOT! Hurricane Harbor has been the favorite place so far. We have been to Six Flags several times but it is just to Hot to be chasing kids their and waiting in line.

For the Fourth of July we went to Granbury for dinner and fireworks. We had a really great time. Hunter met a few boys his age and they had a great time playing together an they even watched the fireworks together.

Here's Hunter and Rusty watching some other kids play ball.

I love this pictures. We were waiting for the fireworks and Rusty was very tired of waiting. So he and Daddy decided to relax. They both had their feet propt up on ice chest.

And here is our family ready to watch the show.

Another big hit was going to see Ronald Mc Donald. I was worried that rusty might be scared or shy becasue lately he has to warm up to people before they are allowed to look at him:)

Here is Rusty watching Ronald enter the building

Rusty and Hunter sat nicley and particiapted the entire show. I was so proud of them. A couple of time Rusty would run up to me and say" Mommy McDonald is Funny" and then he would run back to sit down and watch.

Here they are playing McDonald Says

And here are the two cutest boys taking a picture with McDonald. They had such a great time. My favorite part of that day however was when I was ordering Lunch, Rusty ran up to me in line and Said " Mommy, Mommy, I have to tell you something.....I love you:) And I got a big hug.

Boys can be tough and challenging but moment like these make it all worth wild.

A quick update on my dad. He went home last Tuesday but return to the hospital on Thursday and is still there:( He is suppose to tak Chemo starting the 22nd but I'm not so sure what will happen with him being back in the hospital. he had an infection from too many antibiotics and still feels crummy. Thanks for all the prayers they are appreciate.

More summer fun to come soon:0)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a quick update... My dad is still in the hospital but getting stronger every day. HE is receiving radiation to stop the cancer in is lung from bleeding. However he does still have cancer in other parts of his body as well. I think we all hope for some miracle to cure him, but we all know that within time his time will come an end. But so will everyone else. We are just going to enjoy the time we have. Right now he has absolutely NO pain. Which is great ans I hope it stays that way. Most of the time dad is in a great mood and is excited to be alive. He has even spoken of attending church with my mom which he has never done and wants to find what it is that GOD left him here for. However today he was very upset and GRUMPY from no sleep so that was rough on all of us. My mom does not want him to be left alone just in case the doctors come so that we can hear what is next so this week mom went back to work and I have stayed with dad. I have enjoyed the time especially knowing that we never know when it may be taken from us. My kids and Kevin went to Nebraska and I have been home alone. I am so ready for them to return, which means less time at the hospital but that is OK I need a break also. Thanks for those of you that read this and have been praying for my dad. I use to wonder how people who were going through something like this could be so strong and so close to GOD, but I understand now more than ever. You have to be strong and rely on GOD to do his job(whatever it might be).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

first week of summer

I have been at the hospital every chance I have to be with mom and dad. They have been preparing us for the worst since he went in the hospital last Tuesday. However last night they were able to take Dad of the respirator!! And he really really wants to talk, but we have to tell him to concentrate on his breathing and get his throat better before he talks. I know he is not fixed but we made it through this part:) You never know what God might do. I read somewhere on someones blog about a family who could not turn the respirator off and I some what understand but I also feel that if there is no improvement that you have to let GOD do his part. God is definitely watching over us.

On another note. Hugely is not the only hospital I have spent time at this week. While washing the car, Hunter decided to ride his bike he hit the water hose and fell chin first. He now has 6 stitches. It looked terrible and he had another smiley face on his chin however he was wasn't smiling at all:( I am so thankful that my neighbor ran over to help. I usually keep myself Calm but I believe it about pushed me over the edge. Here are pictures of hunter and his bad chin. Poor baby!

Please keep praying for my dad he is not out of the woods yet. And Pray for my mom she has only left the hospital once in 8 days. She is cleaning up, eating and sleeping but she has to be exhausted.

Friday, June 06, 2008

My Dad

My dad in the hospital in ICU . He is not doing well. And he does have cancer along with being really sick. He is on a ventilator now. Time will tell wether he will make it off of it. Please pray for him and us too.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

One more week of school

Well it has been a little over a month so I guess I have some catching up to do.

Here is Rusty when we came home from the hospital with the PH probe in his nose and his NO! NO! Arms that kept him from ripping the tube out. The beginning of that day was insane but Rusty adjusted well by the after noon and loved mommy sleeping with him that night. He had a little Black box in a bag that I had to chase him around with all day which kept me very busy and Rusty interested to see how many circles he could run me in. Rusty had his Acid Reflux test and we are on some new medication in the morning instead of at night which still doesn't explain the lack of sleep. But his sleeping is slowly getting better. Thank Goodness!!!

My dad is still not in the clear. They have found spots on the lung, liver and kidney and they are doing a brain scan this week. And they are 99% sure it is cancer. They hope to do a biopsy on the liver soon and he is having heart problems. So please Pray that God will comfort him and help us to accept whatever the future holds. When I think about losing him it eats me up. I am trying to be strong but it is really hard to do.

On a happier note! My Rusty is officially been potty trained for about a month or two. It is so nice. he still wears a pull up at night just in case. And let me tell you he is very proud of himself.
I have one more week of school and then I get to stay home with the boys! I can't wait. I look forward to the many fun moments. I just love when I catch them in action playing together and giggling. If you hear giggling something must be going on and usually you can catch them doing something silly. Here are a few pics of them together.
I stuck outside to take this one. They are sitting outside by themselves eating Ice Cream.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Swing Batter Batter

Hunter is doing really well on his basebal team. He no longer lays in the field or spins in circles until the last inning:) They are so cute to watch we do however have a great team. We have not lost a game yet. The other teams appear to be much younger or more immature than our team. You end up cheering for both teams because they are just so cute!

Kevin and I take turns during the games watching Rusty play. He could care less about most of the game. But he still has fun!
Here is Rusty while watching the games. In the top picture he is drawing and below he is watching the game aon a very windy day!

On another note! I feel like I'm losing my mind. My dad went back to the hosptial coughing up blood again after being observed and getting the blood to stop again they sent him home. He has a ct scan next week to find out about the spot on the lungs that they saw this time. We are ot sure if it is the same spot or a new one. He seems to be doing great but he is depressed and tired.
Kevin has been down with his back for a week and will be going to the doctor tomorrow.
Rusty's behavior is going to drive me insane!!!!!!! And Rusty will be admitted as an outpatient next Monday for a scoping of his esophugus and an Ph brobe to test acid levels. They will put him to sleep and then do the scoping and place the probe. We will come home a few hours later with the probe in place and pray that he does not rip it out! Why are we doing this? Well for about a year or more Rusty has not slept many nights! He still wakes up and screams as if he is in pain. He and I spend most of our days exhausted. If I donot give him his acid reflux medicine then we will not get ANY sleep at all just a LONG LONG night!!!!! So finally the doctor has decided to see if it is his acid reflux or something in that area.... I hope this gives us answers. I often wonder is with a good nights rest how Rusty might act. I am reading another book to give me some parenting advice. Most people probably think that we never do anythng but we really do try REALLY hard. Sometimes it is not only exhausting trying to correct him and others reporting his behavior but looking for the perfect advice that will cure him. Maybe the terrible two's will come and go and give me a sweet Rusty all the time. Anyways enough of my problems!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well alot has been going on! Dad went home and is doing pretty good! He seems angry and I wish I knew how to help! BUt he is making some major life changes and it must be difficult. I get in a bad mood just from not having a DrPepper so I know it must be hard.

We had Easter at our house again this year. It was really strange to not have my mom and dad here to help celebrate. I had a hard time enjoying the day becasue I wanted to be with them, but at the smae time yu just can't miss Easter Egg Hunting with your kids. Hunter had a blast hunting for eggs but Rusty could have cared less. He would pick up an egg and put it back. We did however Easter Egg Hunt at church the week before and he was thrilled with the fact that he could pick up as many as he wanted to. I guess one Hunt was enough for him!

In the last few weeks Rusty has learn to ride his. He just got on one day and took off! The look on his face was priceless! He wants so badly to keep with Hunter but his little legs just can't move fast enough.

Kevin took the traing wheels off of Hunter's bike which royally ticked Hunter off! He was determined to never ride his bike again. Kevin worked with him but he kept falling off. The next day I tried working with him but without a sidewalk it is pretty difficult to help Hunter and keep Rusty from riding off to far. So I took them to the park. I got Hunter to trust me enough to help him and we worked for about 10 minutes and he was off on his own until he need to stop of course. But he never got hurt. The next day we practiced stopping and taking off and now he is a PRO! Now Rusty really can't catch up! It is awesome to see the two of them learn new things.
Hunter has also start T-ball I'll try to get those pictures posted soon.