Saturday, December 02, 2006

Visiting Santa and family pictures

Today we went to get our family pictures and then we went tovisit Santa since the boys were dressed so darn cute. They were both just awesome for pictures. Hunter tried to pull the I'm not going to smile for family pictures but the photographer was awesome an she had oth boys smiling forboth pictures. It was actually fun and not a pain. Hunter was so excited about Santa we had told him that we sould probably just walk by because I figured there would be a line. Howerver, there wer two kids in line so we joined the Santa line. Guess what Hunter ask for? A new vaccum. Yes my child is crazy. He got a toy vaccum last year that now needs batteries and he thinks he needs a new one. he wil not tell us anything else that he wants. Crazy little boy. As for Rusty he was fine with looking at Santa but di not really like teh idea of being on his lap. Out of the three pics to choose from this is the only one that he is not looking at Santa with a very concerened sad face.
Afer us there was a baby gong to see Santa that was about 7 months old. His reaction was so cute. He just stared at Santa with open mouth. They could not get his attention. So they just took that pose. Santa decide to have the same open mouth look as the baby. It was adorable.