Thursday, July 26, 2007

Playtime with friends

Yesterday I baby sat Toby and Madison. We had such a blast! I think it is easier with four than two or at least it was most of the time:) Madison is 5 weeks younger than Rusty and Toby will be four in September. So he is right in between Hunter and Rusty. This was lunch time:) The babies were so cute together. Rusty was either hugging her or pushing her. It was hard to tell sometimes. Maddi was not wanting Hugs every 5 second and I don't blame her.Hunter tried to be the one in charge as usual but he did a good job. He tried to make sure everyone was happy especially Madison. Hunter would walk her around and show her things, like the bunny and then they would talk about how to touch her, and then how to get the dogs to come to the window and top priority was that Rusty did not make her cry. He was Super!

I also loved how Madison and Rusty would have their own conversations. Rusty talks but not like Madison. There were times I would walk by and they were just talking an nodding their head like big people! I love it! Everybody really did a great job. I really enjoyed watching them all interact together. It is amazing to think that I have been there to see all of these beautiful babies since day one and now to see them playing and so grown up. God makes some incredible creations and children are definitely one of them!

This is Toby and Hunter laying in the bed playing with their airplanes. It took a lot to keep them still for two second in order to get a picture:) Here is everyone ready for nap time. I turned on cartoons and told them they had 10 minutes and everyone was going to bed. Madison lasted about 2 minutes and then she grabbed her nap pad and said bye. I took her and laid her down then Rusty drug his blanket and off he went as well. The two older ones made it a little tricky but after a few talks and some stares they were all asleep!
Truck were the big hit of the day!
And then the toys get old but the containers are still fun!

Elisha, their mommy and the God mother to my boys , surprised us with dinner when she picked them up! CHICK FILA!!!!! It was AWESOME! It was also really nice to sit down and talk with Elisha. I miss her living close enough to see all the time. But it makes our time together even more special!
And tomorrow I am watching Alicia's 4 boys:) I am sure it will be a blast:)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy 6th Anniversary!

On Saturday Kevin and I celebrated our 6th wedding Anniversary! Our plan was to got to San Antonio for the night but we stayed in town and had a great time. Kevin's Parents kept the kids for us Friday night and all day Saturday. It was strange to be at home together without kids. We had dinner together Friday night and then came home to watch a movie. We then got to sleep late Saturday! Wow that was awesome. No getting up in the middle of the night and no little ones to be the alarm. We got up and went to breakfast or by that time brunch and then went to the mall. After the mall we went fishing. Some of you are think, wow on your anniversary! But that is how Kevin and I met and I love to fish. Unfortunatly the fish were not really in the mood to be caught. Kevin caught one and I caught, .... well none! But we still had a good time.
I just love this picture. You can really see his mind working hard:)

As you can see the fish was huge! The funny part was trying to get the hook out. I had my hand downthe poor fishies throat becasue Kevin's hands were to big. We should have taken a picture of me doing that!

After fishing we wnet home and washed up for dinner time!

By the time the day was over we were both really ready to see our boys. When we pulled up we jsut sat there in the car watching them paly in the driveway. Hunter waved and kept playing . Rusty stared like he had no idea who we were and then started jumping up and down and screaming mommy.. daddy. It was pricless!!!

I am so lucky to have Kevin! I love him so much and can't imagine the world without him. Meeting him 9 years ago was a dream come true. He has truely shown me how wonderful life can be. He and my boys are what make my world go around:)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rusty's Reading Habits

I have been reading a book in my spare time

(Which is not very often!) Rusty takes his every chance to get his hand on it. He always gets comfy and lays down to read the book also. He lays there and stares at it forever like he is really reading. We read a lot of kids books too, but this seems to be his favorite. I am impressed that he enjoyes and book with no pictures:)