Monday, December 22, 2008

Where does time go

I never have enough time to blog any more. We are always on the go or busy playing here at home. So much has happened in the last few months that it will be hard to sum it up into one entry but I'll try my best.
First an update on Kendrick. Test results did come back and they were not good. Kendrick and his family were able to go home where they will celebrate Christmas with their family. Soon after Dec. 29 Kendrick will return for Radiation for 6 weeks M-F. They have said his life will be cut short due to the tumor that originated on his brain stem. My heart goes out to them for the pain they are enduring. They are strong Christians and they have never given up. Kendrick is such a good sport. I love when he smiles, his eyes just shine! Please keep them in your prayers.
What they have gone through has made me appreciate my family so much more.
My baby boy celebrated his 3rd birthday on Nov. 22. I can hardly believe that
he is already three. We a had a party with some of his friend and we had a blast. The huge monster truck bounce house was great entertainment. We have try to convince Rusty that he is 3 not 5. He knows he's three but he will tell you five and then giggle. He loved everyone singing to him.We have raked plenty of leaves this year however it takes a while around here to get them actually out of the yard and into the bag.

And now it is Christmas time where has time gone!!!! The boys sang in a Christmas program at church and they were so adorable. I didn't take video with my camera so only pictures for now. There is nothing like seeing your children up on stage singing at church. They love to sing!

This holiday season has been very difficult. I miss my dad and Meme so much and Christmas just won't be the same. I am so thankful for all the memories I have with them at Christmas time and all the photos I have with them. We are going to Nebraska this year. which I am not Happy about. I do not want to leave my mom but my little family needs me too. I hope and pray that next year is much different then this year. I hope it is filled with much love and happiness and I wish the same for all my family and friends!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our God is anAwesome GOD

Kendrick had surgery today and the family had been told they were sure it was cancer. They took him this morning at 6:15 and we heard a little throughout the day And 7:00 pm the doctor cam eout and spoke to Alica and Allen his parents. he does not think it is cancer any more but a biopsy is being done. He will be six for a while while recovering from such a long and difficult surgery. BUt when they said it did not seem to be cancer the whole room changed. it was like lifting this heavy weight off your chest that was keeping you from breathing. The faith that AQlicia and Allen have in the LORD is stronger than any other. And my faith has grown today watching them pray and praise GOD. Please keep them in your prayers.