Tuesday, September 09, 2008


We have new family member at the Crabtree House and we think her name will be Lucky. We have been told she is 8 weeks old but she seems kind of big. She belonged to a 16 year old boy who brought her home and his mother said no way! Which is really good for us. The boys have had a blast playing with her. Our other dogs are having to make some adjustments. Thye seem ok with her but try to stay away. We have had a lot of doggie time tonight trying to give everyone attention.
Brittney is not to sure, but soon Lucky will be bigger than her!
You can tell she is puppy because she plays and then takes a nap!

And her is Sandy just being happy!

Other than that Kevin has been sick. Whish is no fun considering today is his 29th birthday! Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and a wonderful daddy!