Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer is over:(

Well summer is offically over. This week was so long and I missed my family so much! I had to work late pretty much all week getting ready for a new school year but I think now I'm ready for Monday. It has been strange not to spend every moment with the boys. It has been really relaxing at times to not have constant noise but at the same time I miss it. Well any ways here are some pictures of us at the lake this summer. The boys love the boat and Hunter has gotten to fish a little this summer with his day. I would loved to have joined them but Rusty is a little to small for the being still part of fishing, in fact that seems to still be hard for Hunter also! LOL!!!

These two are going to hate me taking pictures someday! It is so hard to get them both smiling and looking at once. Good thing I have a digital camera so I can just stap away and pick the best. And I you can tell you still can't get them looking at the smae time. Oh well They are still as cute as can be!

Rusty was really quite on the boat I think we might Have been a little scared being his first ride. But he never cried or whined. He just held on for dear life. Hunter on the other hand would have stood up the whole time if we had let him. He loved being able to drive with daddy. I enjoy watching Kevin teach him how to drive and what to look for. Moments like this you can tell will be treasured memories for both of them:0)
He like his own seat but it looks like he is being blown into the seat.
This is my brother Clint and his fiance Celinda.

I love close ups of the boys not looking. This is Rusty pointing throwing bread to the ducks.
Hunter loved throwing rocks in the lake we did however have to move away from the ducks because he had a pretty good aim:) I just love watching HUnter at play! He gets so excited about little things. He loves teaching Rusty how to do everything(The good and the bad). Sometimes he just acts so grown up and to see how much he has grown over the summer just amazes me. I should record him talking. He is just so funny and so interested in the world. And of course he has so many questions, which can be annoying but he just wants to know everything. All I can say is WOW! I love my boys they are just amazing to watch grow up:) I look forward to coming home each day tired or not and getting my big hugs from all three of my boys and then off to play with what energy I'll have left.
Update:My last post was about my friend A and she has gotten better and gone home. Hopefully she got the help she needed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I am really behind on blogging I never have time to add pictuires to the blog and I love that part so I just don't keep it up to date. So eventually I will add more of my millions of pictures fromt he summer. Right now my heart is Heavy for a lady which I will call A for now! She wants no one to know anything about this so just in case I want to honor that. A admited herself to thehospital for what we believe is Postpardum physocis or something. They have 3 children a 5 year old a 3 year old and a 4 week old baby. I was called later this week about A and that they needed help with the kids while the she was seeking help. And of course I was glad to help. Well I tried and tried to help but it was like pulling teeth to do so. Eventually Iwas able to help out by taking the baby. It was the most amazing thing to hold a 3 and half week old baby girl. Oh my gosh a baby in my home. Her mother is still no better and her husband is not telling us much of anything because A is so embarrassed which is understandable. But it is not her fault. Her husband has been by her side the whole time. The baby stayed with me for 3 days and two night. It was an honor to have been able to help them out. She was precious and I miss her as if she was my own. I pray that A will get the help she needs and I'm so proud of her for seeking help. I pray that she will get better and be able to return to her children. I also pray that until then that the kids will be taken well care of. I wish so badly that I could help more but with school starting Monday I just can't Which breaks my heart. I wish I could solve the problems of the world but only through prayer can I even begin.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun with 6 boys

I kept 4 boys for my friend Alicia while she took he baby Cheyenee to the doctor. I was a little nervous before they got here wondering how I was going to do it, but it was not bad at all. Everyone behaved just perfectly. Hunter seemed a little overwhelmed to begin with but I think it was because he was no longer the oldest. He soon adjusted and loved all the play time they got. And believe or not I even got them all to sleep!
Here they are minus Rusty in the fort of the swing set From left to righ Hunter, Christopher, Benjamin, Kendrick and Nathaniel sitting on the slide. Rusty was up there also but I was nervous that he would fall while I took the picture.

Here is everyone playing in the sand box

Ihope when my boys are away from me they have the manners and behavior that these 4 did. Christopher the oldest cleaned up after lunch for us and he noticed the trash was full he he just started taking it out and asked where to take it! WOW! Nathaniel really cracked me up he kept tellingme things he was allergic to which I knew was a joke becuase he had his daddy's joking smile and dimples. It was a dead giveaway! Below is Kendrick playing with the Umbrella he kept telling me to take his picture:)

The younger two were just as kind and sweet! I really wish they lived closer than Witchita Falls:( I not only miss spending time and talking to Alicia but I miss watching her boys grow.

Here Rusty and Benjamin work on their sidewalk art.

Here is everyone in action. If you look closely you can see Hunter climbing the basketball goal!

And here is Cheyenne she is13 months old.