Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sick Baby:(

I just hate when my babies are sick and you have to watch them feel so terrible. Rusty has has a fever all day today and a yucky nose. He gets up every now and then and runs around and then comes crashing down. I just want to hold him all night and watch him. He has had those sad puppy dog eyes today that say with out words how he feels. I do however enjoy the fact that I can hold him more than two seconds before he runs away. Days like today make me think about those who have really sick children or have lost their little ones. I can't even imagine. I am thinkful that he will be better in a few days and that I am well enouhg to care for him.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Jumping Good Time

A couple of Fridays ago we met the boys God Mother and her kids at the Jumping Party in Fort Worth. We were so happy to have Camryn along to play with us too! We had so much fun. The kids came home and slept really well. I think Rusty takes after me becasue he does not like to go up and then down. I'm ok going up but going down is not for me:) But we all had a blast! Here is Camryn in action. We were so glad that she was able to join us and she was so good! It was nice to have alittle girl around for a change:)

Toby is so fast now and so big I can hardly keep up with him. What a cutie!

This is Rusty at the mouth of the Giant Caterpillar! So it looks like he is being eaten!

Rusty and Madison are so cute together at least until Rusyt decided to taka swing or a push at Madison. This was his I'm sorry for puching you down again hug! But as you can tell she was very forgiving:)

This is the big slide they had a blast waiting for each other and sliding together. You will notice this is the only shot of Hunter I couldn't ever catch him being still enough for a picture to turn out. Talk about Quick!

Rusty's favorite ride is definitley the Caterpillr. He can almost do it by himself but he will not go up the slide part. I know he could if he tried but he get scared even with my help. But running in the tunnel is alwasy fun:) BUt boy oh boy look at that hair. He was definitly in the need of a haircut! AGAIN!!!! So I have to post a picture of his new haircut! He look like a new kid! That is my grandmother behind him.