Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Daddy went to Heaven on Wednesday!

Wed. morning I got a phone call from my mom crying she had lef the hospital earlier that morning at 7:30 and my dad was in great spirits and feelign great. They had watched a flock of white doves outside the window, Dad wanteed meat for breakfast and couldn't wait for the doctor to come in and release him to go home. he had receieved Chemo the day before and had no side effects and he was excited. I later found ou that the Chemo probaly caused the lung cancer to explode. Anyways mom left at 7;30 to go to work , Dad yelled out to her that he loved her and she left. 40 minutes later she was called to return to the hospital that dad had turned for the worst. When she got there he had already passed. When I arrived I was just kind of floating. And I have learned that no matter how ready you are it is still so very hard. I can't even begin to explain how it feels. I hope no one else ever has to experience losing a parent. I know that we all have to die but he was just so young. He was only 59. We are all doing as well as can be expected I guess. visitation tonight was very hard. But We survive. Please keep us in you prayer. I t hit Hunter tonight and he was wanting his Papa to come back. We talked for a long time and I only hope that tiem will heal his little heart. Thank you for the prayers. Tomorrow will be arough day with e funeral.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A fun summer

The summer has been lots of fun with the boys we have been staying busy with lots of fun things to do. We try to playoutsie a lot but it has just been so HOT! Hurricane Harbor has been the favorite place so far. We have been to Six Flags several times but it is just to Hot to be chasing kids their and waiting in line.

For the Fourth of July we went to Granbury for dinner and fireworks. We had a really great time. Hunter met a few boys his age and they had a great time playing together an they even watched the fireworks together.

Here's Hunter and Rusty watching some other kids play ball.

I love this pictures. We were waiting for the fireworks and Rusty was very tired of waiting. So he and Daddy decided to relax. They both had their feet propt up on ice chest.

And here is our family ready to watch the show.

Another big hit was going to see Ronald Mc Donald. I was worried that rusty might be scared or shy becasue lately he has to warm up to people before they are allowed to look at him:)

Here is Rusty watching Ronald enter the building

Rusty and Hunter sat nicley and particiapted the entire show. I was so proud of them. A couple of time Rusty would run up to me and say" Mommy McDonald is Funny" and then he would run back to sit down and watch.

Here they are playing McDonald Says

And here are the two cutest boys taking a picture with McDonald. They had such a great time. My favorite part of that day however was when I was ordering Lunch, Rusty ran up to me in line and Said " Mommy, Mommy, I have to tell you something.....I love you:) And I got a big hug.

Boys can be tough and challenging but moment like these make it all worth wild.

A quick update on my dad. He went home last Tuesday but return to the hospital on Thursday and is still there:( He is suppose to tak Chemo starting the 22nd but I'm not so sure what will happen with him being back in the hospital. he had an infection from too many antibiotics and still feels crummy. Thanks for all the prayers they are appreciate.

More summer fun to come soon:0)