Thursday, April 23, 2009

I haven’t written a blog lately to share the wonderful times we have had because there is just not much time. Lately I have been so down with what to do about Rusty’s behavior and I am always hesitant to share that side of my life. He gets evaluated on Monday at the Child Study center and I hope to get some answers. I have started an awards chart again and it has worked pretty well the last few days.
I have however really stopped and thanked God for giving me two healthy children. These behaviors are horrible but nothing like not knowing the future of your child. My two very best friends have children who are not healthy at the moment. Kendrick Alicia’s son was diagnosed around Thanksgiving with a brain tumor. He is doing well but I know it is a constant worry for his family. Tuesday I found out that Elisha’s son Toby has Encephalitis and is not doing well. He has lost use of his legs for the moment. He is unable to sit, hold his head up or walk. I also have a student Tyler who has Leukemia for the third time. He is suppose to have a bone marrow transplant soon. However the chemo is causing his kidneys to stop functioning correctly and it is effecting his breathing as well. It is really hard when you have no idea what to say to your best friends when they are hurting. I am asking everyone to please pray for these three little boys.