Monday, November 06, 2006

Trick or Treat

This year we carved two pumpkins. We let Hunter direct us on what kind of faces we wanted He cleaned the pumpkins, Kevin and I cut them, and Rusty well he played, ate and made a mess. But we had so much fun. I do not have pictures yet but Rusty was Superman and Hunter was a skeleton. Hunter wanted to be a scary monster, which to him was a skeleton with guts coming out. However we talked him into a regular skeleton.
Every October we make the joke that we are going to lock Hunter up during the month. Every year he get hurt.
1st year 2 stitches in head, 2nd year fractured leg, last year just a black eye and cut next to eye. and this year he ran into a wall running and once again got stitches above his eyebrow. He was sucha tough guy. He wasn't crying when I arrived to take him for stitches, however I was pretty close. he only cried when he got a shot and then just laid there and got stitches. I watched every move the doctor took and thanked God that it was only stitches and nothing more. I hate to see my baby hurt.

Rusty's First Steps

My Rusty will not be a baby to much longer. He took his first steps on Oct. 6th at my mom's house. We were about to leave them with my mom and I told her he is so close to taking steps, and if he does do not tell me I want to think I saw it first. The little rugrat stood up and took 3 steps. Wow if he always follows directions this well then I am in for a treat:) He took 8 steps tonight to walk to me. He has become extra loving. He hugs and kisses. But the kisses are dangerous and messy. He kisses open mouth and well with 5 teeth if he closes his mouth it is a bit painful. I just love the smiles of my boys. PRICELESS