Friday, October 10, 2008

Movie Date

Tonight was so much fun! Hunter and I went to the movies. it was Hunter's first time to ever go! I know some of you are probably shocked that it is his first time but I wanted him to be ready to sit the whole movie and he did it. My kids are not big movie watching sit down kind of kids. We saw Beverly Hill Chihuahua, and it was great! Hunter has done so well at school this year and had to do things a little differently last week and it was tough on him. Usually Kris, Kevin's mom, takes Hunter to school so he always just get there at the bell to go to class. But the week she was gone to Nebraska I took him and because the bell rings at the same time at my school his normal routine would not work. he had to go to the cafeteria and sit for 20-25 minutes. The first day I walked him in and he cried because he did not know anyone and wanted me to stay. I left teary eyed and felt terrible. The Next day we simply talked about being a big boy and doing big boy things. he said what are big boy thing and we talked about being Brave. then I decided if he could be brave and sit for 20 min. reading a book in silence then he could go to the movies. At first He cried and cried the second day but once we got to school he said mom I'm brave I can do this. And he gave me a hug , kiss and a wave good bye and off he went. then I was really Teary! What has happened to my Baby! Yet I was glad that no one had to pry him off me. Before having my own kid go to school I though other parents were crazy with no being able to leave their five year old and the five year old crying but when it is your turn you see it totally different. I told Hunter he was my date tonight and he was so proud. I just love my Hunter and I am so proud of him!

I'm proud of my littliest guy to. We have had 3 days of no crying or screaming or tantrums when I leave him in the morning! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I hope to have more days like that! Rusty is learning so much. He does a lot of learning and not a lot of playing which he complains about but I think he is the kid who needs lots of structure. He know the months of the year, I was so impressed when he said them to me. I'll have to try to catch him on tape. Along with Hunter reading.!!!