Saturday, May 31, 2008

One more week of school

Well it has been a little over a month so I guess I have some catching up to do.

Here is Rusty when we came home from the hospital with the PH probe in his nose and his NO! NO! Arms that kept him from ripping the tube out. The beginning of that day was insane but Rusty adjusted well by the after noon and loved mommy sleeping with him that night. He had a little Black box in a bag that I had to chase him around with all day which kept me very busy and Rusty interested to see how many circles he could run me in. Rusty had his Acid Reflux test and we are on some new medication in the morning instead of at night which still doesn't explain the lack of sleep. But his sleeping is slowly getting better. Thank Goodness!!!

My dad is still not in the clear. They have found spots on the lung, liver and kidney and they are doing a brain scan this week. And they are 99% sure it is cancer. They hope to do a biopsy on the liver soon and he is having heart problems. So please Pray that God will comfort him and help us to accept whatever the future holds. When I think about losing him it eats me up. I am trying to be strong but it is really hard to do.

On a happier note! My Rusty is officially been potty trained for about a month or two. It is so nice. he still wears a pull up at night just in case. And let me tell you he is very proud of himself.
I have one more week of school and then I get to stay home with the boys! I can't wait. I look forward to the many fun moments. I just love when I catch them in action playing together and giggling. If you hear giggling something must be going on and usually you can catch them doing something silly. Here are a few pics of them together.
I stuck outside to take this one. They are sitting outside by themselves eating Ice Cream.