Friday, November 30, 2007

My Baby Boy Turned Two

This is the smile that I just love to see!

I can hardly believe that it has been two years since Rusty was born. It seems like yesterday. We have been working for weeks to get him to say that he is two. When you asked him a few weeks ago how old he was, his response would be good. Now he actually answers with saying two.

Before the party Rusty was in a real Crabby mood. But once the guest started showing up he got excited. He could have cared less about opening presents. he had not interest at all. He did how ever want to play with everything that came out of the bags:) We got him a bike because he always climbs up on Hunter's and I just know it is an accident waiting to happen. Hunter and Kevin went to the garage to get the bike so I had to literally hold Rusty down. When they came in with the bike Rusty ran past them and cried where's my bike?

He thought Hunter was bringing his bike inside. He will of course not pedal the bike yet but eventually he will get eager enough and do it:) He was so cute when we were singing to him.

Hunter was a good sport about the day being for Rusty as long as he could have cake and of course know that the presents would be toys that they both could use.

We really enjoyed all of our guest. Happy Birthday Baby Boy or should I say Big Boy!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Single Parents

You are probably wondering what my title means, well here goes. Kevin has been out of town all week long. He left Sunday morning to go to North Carolina for training and got back on Friday morning. However, he left again Friday at 4:00 to camp with the Church Youth! I just don't see how a single parent can, work take care of their home, be with their children, and somehow take care of themselves all the time! I enjoyed the special time I had with the boy but I'm tired! We went to the park and played one day after work, had a day at McDonalds for dinner. Had my parents over to visit , had a picnic with Arby's food which is Hunters' favorite. We rode our bikes everyday. And I saw Hunter put on dozens of puppet shows. And many more fun things along with working all day. All which I can deal with and enjoy more than ever but bedtime is a killer. The boys haven't gone to bed well this week at all. Lets see we started at 8:35 and it is now 9:46. Hunter has finally stayed in bed and Rusty is now staying in bed also but he is crying!!!! We had one night at bedtime that went great and I did nothing different that night than any other night. I give them milk and we all sit and talk for 15 minutes or read a book their choice, which is usually both. And showering!!!! LOL !!! Single parent either do not shower or they do it with the help of their little ones. Big Kuddos to those single parents or parents that have spouses that travel a lot.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I am just not good at keeping up with my blog any more. I always seem to find something else I need to be doing. Tonight Kevin is watching the Mavs so I thought i would take the time and blog. So here goes. October has been so much fun! The boys had a blast this past month! We spent a lot of time at the pumpkin patch at our church. The could run for hours around the same pumpkins and never loose their smiles. Rusty however did like to pull my leg every now and then and run for the street!

I also got to attend the Bush Girl Cousins weekend that went really well thanks to my cousin Jennie's hard work:) Here we all dressed up .

Kevin was also in charge of putting together our church's Family Fun day this year which I was really nervous about how much time he would spend on. But it was great and we sold a lot of pumpkins that day and meet the October goal! So all of his hard work paid off ! There were lots of different activities, bounce house, big slid, games, hayride. I was lucky a couple of the girls from our youth group helped outwith the boys. It made the day a lot easier on all of us.
This is Katie Helping Hunter launch a pumpkin across the lawn.

Rusty and I took a break for a hotdog.

There was a station to paint at and Rusty loved it. As he would bend down to get paint his head would hit the board. Here he is determined to get paint on me. Look at that little tongue.
Katie , Hunter, Kayla and Rusty on the hayride.

The best part that day was the firetruck. When they got to the church they asked if anyone had a camera and Kevin gave them mine I worried at first because as you can tell from the pictures I NEED my camera. The firefighter took it to the top of the ladder and took pictures, It was AWESOME! And the ladder was so high in the air the boys along with mommy and daddy were just mesmerized(sp).

We also had Pumpkin math night at school I took Hunter with me and he did such an awesome job. He decorate a pumpkin and even wen tot the math stations and participated on his own with out me. I can't believe he starts school next year. Where has the time gone?

Luke and Hunter hard at work and having a blast!
And then there was Halloween. The kids were so excited we did not enter a store all month long without a long visit to the Halloween area. Hunter was a Ninja Turtle and Rusty was an Army Man. A good friend of ours (Roger) Bought the outfit for Hunter when I was pregnant with Rusty before leaving for Iraq. Well he came back but is now back there again. I thought it would be neat to have Rusty dressed up and send pictures to him.

The boys had a blast trick or treating and Trunk or treating! Rusty however at the end of the night though anybody with candy was giving it away. So he would walk up to other kids Say"Tinker Teat" and dig into their candy it was funny and yes we gave the candy back. Luckily he did not up set anybody:)