Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bring on the summer!

The Smallest helper of the house helping day install a new faucet

Rusty and Hunter loved the coast!

AND thinks to alot of dead grass we get to have fun in the mud! God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys!! I was just as dirty as they were!
Hunter graduated form Kindergarten. This is his teacher Miss McDonald. My Muddy happy Rusty!
My Graduate Hunter Hunter played his second year of T-Ball and did such a great job. he was best on the pitchers mount where he earned 2 game galls for lots of outs!

Summer has started off great this year. We have had three great days filled with lots of fun! To bad I can't show you any pictures. Thanks to our dog Lucky who chewed up my camera. Hopefully Best Buy will call soon with news that it is fixed. So for now I an tell you about our summer.

The kids and I are trying to spend as much time as we can outside early in the day before it gets to hot. They should have legs of steal by the end of summer from all the running and bike rides. Each day we spend a little time doing what the kids call school time. We are trying to make sure he knows his colors. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't but he is only three and he would rather trick you by saying the wrong color. So far we have practiced orange and green. And I think he has those colors down. I try to make it fun. We spend the morning looking for orange things while we are out and about. I have come to realize orange is his favorite color. We practice orange this morning by going to a park that had an orange playground, eating goldfish and oranges. Hunter has had a great time helping Hunter look for things that are the color of the day. We also worked on the #1 , what it looks like. Hunter and I are working on his writing. He usually complains because he would rather do something else. So we take turns writing. It reminds me so much of teaching 1st grade. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT MY HUNTER IS GOING TO BE A 1st GRADER!!!! WOW!!!!! So that has been our summer so far.

I also want to update everybody about the last post. Toby has pretty much made a full recovery. he will still need on going help to keep him where he is at but he is doing great. They are doing lots of Fundraisers to help with their financial situation. There is a benefit dinner on June 26th. Email me if you would like more information

Tyler my student will go into the hospital next week to start his Bone Marrow transplant. He is so lucky to have his grandparents. I don't know what he would do with out them.

Kendrick still wakes up each day with a smile. Some days are better than others. They are just living life day by day and enjoying the time they have.

As for Rusty, he has been diagnosed for now as having ODD(Oppositional Defiant Disorder). he has started taking medication and we have seen a huge improvement. he is not fixed it still is constant work but much more manageable. We are reading and learning as much as we can to help not only him but us as well. Things are really looking up in the Crabtree house. Yippee!!!

Well enough blabbering, here are some pics from the spring~

I think I have prayed more this year than ever in my life. Without GOD life would just be impossible.