Sunday, March 11, 2012

2 years later

I'm not sure if anyone even clicks on this web page or not but I though I would blog today!

Going on three months now Kevin has been working on a rig. This means he works two weeks away from home with 20 minutes to talk each night and then home for 1 week. Then it starts all over again. It has been a big change for all of us. I think we have all grown from this experience. The boys have done incredibly well. They have their break downs at times and those are the worst of times. Being the only parent for two weeks has its good and bad moments. It gets really tough when I am overly tired with to much to do and two overly entergetic boys. I try to keep up with house work and school but there is just no way it can happen.
The day Kevin comes home is so exciting! We all can't wait to jump in his arms and tell him how much we misse him and how much we love him. We probably overwhelm him by all talking at once, but we are just so excited to see him that we can't help it!

Before Kevin was hired on at the rig I would pray every night that he would help us through the rough times and help Kevin to find a job. However I never thought it would take him away from us most of the time. What a great sense of humor God has:) Gods plan is not always ours. When I found out that Kevin might have the job I literally was frozen inside, paniced, heart broken, worried, and lost. Nights of crying didn't help either. I finally decided that praying was all that I could do to easy all of that. And it's amazing how I have some how made it through 3 months and we are all in one piece mentally and physically.
Through this I think God has shown me that even during the tough times he has stood by our side.
If you are not a person who prays I suggest you start. You will never be the same.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This was typed up about spring break time. Ooops

The Crabtree family has been busy playing sports and having a great time doing it. First Hunter played basketball and Rusty took swim lessons. Hunter was amazing at basketball. He focuses so well when he plays.
Below Hunter is in the Orange. He made a shot and missed and now he is trying to get the ball again
Below Hunter has the ball and is ready to shoot. ANd he scored:) He was so awesome to watch. It was really hard to take pictures though!
Rusty waiting for his first swim lesson.
Rusty swimming. If you put Rusty in the water where he has control to touch the bottom he swims like a fish .

Rusty's swim lessons were at the same time as Hunter's game so Kevin and I took turns taking each of them.

Then both of the boys played soccer and we had a blast. Hunter loves soccer just as much as basketbal. Rusty had a very competitive coach who refused to let Rusty play any postion besides goalie. And if you know Rusty he like to be moving not standing still. Hopefully Rusty will want to play soccer next year and will have a lot more fun.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night I had an unbelievable GOD moment.
Hunter is playing Upward basketball at a church in Fort Worth where Kevin and I were once members. We have since started attending as well. I have prayed a lot lately about church and where do I belong. I don't always feel like I belong at our church that we have attended for years. I want a church where I can learn and worship but also have relationships as well. I haven't felt that in a while. I have always loved Pastor Steve's sermons but the rest is lacking for me. I'm sure it is just me and probably has nothing to do with anyone else. I see those who have their good friends there and I don't have that and leave feeling lost and left out. To make a long story short, we have been at my old church for about a month. The sermons are great and I have tons of family there. My kids are very happy as well but are confused about leaving the other church as well.
Other than family I have not really built any relationships there up until last night.
Some of you know about our difficulty with raising Rusty. Rusty has Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. Hunter also has been diagnoised as ADHD. Most people have advice for what I am not doing right or whatI should do and just never seem to understand. I often do not tell anybody simply because the looks on their faces tell you what they really think or they just stay away when they see how he sometimes behaves.
As a mother you often feel alone in this situation and you don't understand unless you have been there. Last night at basketball practice I sat next to another mother that I have talked to briefly before. Some how or another the topic of Rusty's O.D.D came up and I went to explain and she stopped me. She knew!!!! Her 7 year old has the same thing and they have been through the same thing!!! It was such an amzing feeling for someone to understand. As she talked tears came to my eyes I just couldn't believe that someone else really understood. I am sorry that she too has to experience this but so grateful that God helped us connect. We talked for an entire hour about our struggles and nodded constantly at each other because we each had the same experiences. However her husband has been in Iraq over a year and she has had to do it on her own. She is a tough and amazing Women. Thank you God so much for all of the improvements we have seen in both of our boys and thank you God for making Renee a part of my life.
It is amazing to me that out of the 100's of people I could have sat next to and spoke to in that gym and church that I sat next to the one that needed to hear my story I need to hear hers. I don;t know about you but I think it was all about God truely answering and making himself present!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

where has time gone

Each day I watch my boys in amazement of all they can do. When I look at them I am in amazment of how tall they are. Sometimes when they wake up or when I come home from work they seem to have grown a foot from the last time I saw them!

Rusty is now 4 and such an awesome kiddo! Today we had swim lessons and it is just amazing to see him swim with out a fear or care in the world and always with a smile. Another mom commented today how his smile is just contagiuos and how beautiful his smile is! He has learned to make new friends and to talk to people so well in the last few months. When Hunter has basketball practice Rusty joins groups of kids big and small and introduces himself and shares his toys. It touches my heart in a special way to see him being so friendly and loving with others.

Hunter also just amazes me! He is reading so well and can write like a pro when he wants to. Hunter loves playing basketball and is pretty darn good at it. Today was a little tough for me because Hunter had his first basketball game and I did not get to go:( (Swim class was around the same time so we had to split) But when we got home he had played a great game, was a good sport and was so proud of himself. Next week is my turn to watch him play and I can't wait but I'll miss seing Rusty swim. But I have many years to come to see these boys play ball of all sort and swim like fish as well.

Hunter turns 7 soon and it just doesn't seem possible that it has been 7 years. It seems like yesterday I saw his beautiful face for the first time! A day I will never forget!

This week I got to start taking Hunter to school the first day he just said bye. Day 2 he hugged me and waved back at me every 20 feet. When he got to the door he opened it and turned to me and blew a kiss! I thought I was going to cry and there were a few tears!! My boy made my day!!!!

Often times I think I talk about just the negatives of life often even dealing with my children!!! But they truely hold the key to my heart.

After my best friend's child was diagnosed with Cancer(Kendrick) I start to really realize that weather times are good or bad they are so very important. We never know what day is our last with our loved ones. I love you Hunter and Rustyand I am truely blessed to be your mother!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 09

I am so behind on posting but I'm just going to start with Chrstmas.
The boys were very excited about Christmas this year. There was lots of talks about Santa and even a few calls made to let Santa know that he needed to watch the boys closely. We have so many Christmas gatherings and it is so nice to visit with family and friends. When we went to see Santa the line was not very long thank goodness because the boys couldn't wait to see Santa. Sadly Hunter was told that Santa was not real so it took a lot of convincing to make him believe. We just told him when you belienve he brings presents and if you don's he will not! Here are the boys waiting to see Santa.

They both could not wait to make their request. Rusty asked for a 4 wheeler, a DS and a Rocking Horse. Hunter asked for a new DS and a 4 Wheeler, and a Mario Game. They were so cute talking to Santa.

This was our year to stay in Texas. My kids were really upset because we were not going to Nebraska because they wanted snow for Christmas. Well, we stayed and still had snow but not as much.
Being with my family for Christmas was so nice, but much different without my dad and Meme. We remembered them by telling stories about them and remembering the good times.
Santa visits the Bush family on Christmas Eve night. Unbelievably the boys got their four wheelers which made for a lot of smiles.

I'll post more later. I have to go feed to hungry boys:)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Rusty

Rusty turned 4 this year!! When he woke up I asked him if he knew what day it was and he screamed "It's my birthday". I asked if he knew what that meant and he said it was his party day. I asked him if that meant he was four now and he did the funniest thing. He reached down touched his legs from his feet to his hips, he touched his belly and arms and screamed " I AM BIGGER NOW, I"M really 4" It was so cute and hilarous. He then jumped up and said" Hunter, Hunter, look at me I am a big boy now can you tell I'm big I am four" I wish I had the video camera out taping his excitment.
For his birthday this year we went to pump it up and had an amazing time. This best part was watching Rusty open his gifts and get so excited about each and everyone of them! He would say" It's mine all mine!" and Smile from ear to ear!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Girl Cousin's Weekend 2009

Each year the Bush Girl Cousins get together for a weekend. We had so much fun this year dressing up, playing games and making crafts.

This was the eighth year that we have gotten together. It has been a great experience gettign to know cousins and hearing stories about them growing up. it make sme feel so close to me Papa and Daddy!

Jennie and Meagan were my summer sisters. I went camping for many years with their family and they have always been like sisters!

My mom was absolutely beautiful as always! i am so glad to have a mom that I am so close to!! I don't know what I would do with out her in my life!

After returning from the weekend I even made a birthday present for a friend of Hunter's using the same idea. Thanks Jennie for teaching us to be crafty!

Columbus Day

Columbus day the boys and I got to stay home together. We ahd so much fun and we had free entertainment. They are working on our street and when you have boys they want to see all the action. We went and got donuts that we ate while watching the men at work. I'm sure they loved our stares . Here are some pictures mostly taken by the photographer Hunter!!!!

After watching all the men work the boys wanted to work and get dirty too! Rusty would not let me take his picture of him at work. He was digging up the empty flower bed and putting the dirt all over the driveway. It was a mess but he was having so much fun!