Saturday, January 16, 2010

where has time gone

Each day I watch my boys in amazement of all they can do. When I look at them I am in amazment of how tall they are. Sometimes when they wake up or when I come home from work they seem to have grown a foot from the last time I saw them!

Rusty is now 4 and such an awesome kiddo! Today we had swim lessons and it is just amazing to see him swim with out a fear or care in the world and always with a smile. Another mom commented today how his smile is just contagiuos and how beautiful his smile is! He has learned to make new friends and to talk to people so well in the last few months. When Hunter has basketball practice Rusty joins groups of kids big and small and introduces himself and shares his toys. It touches my heart in a special way to see him being so friendly and loving with others.

Hunter also just amazes me! He is reading so well and can write like a pro when he wants to. Hunter loves playing basketball and is pretty darn good at it. Today was a little tough for me because Hunter had his first basketball game and I did not get to go:( (Swim class was around the same time so we had to split) But when we got home he had played a great game, was a good sport and was so proud of himself. Next week is my turn to watch him play and I can't wait but I'll miss seing Rusty swim. But I have many years to come to see these boys play ball of all sort and swim like fish as well.

Hunter turns 7 soon and it just doesn't seem possible that it has been 7 years. It seems like yesterday I saw his beautiful face for the first time! A day I will never forget!

This week I got to start taking Hunter to school the first day he just said bye. Day 2 he hugged me and waved back at me every 20 feet. When he got to the door he opened it and turned to me and blew a kiss! I thought I was going to cry and there were a few tears!! My boy made my day!!!!

Often times I think I talk about just the negatives of life often even dealing with my children!!! But they truely hold the key to my heart.

After my best friend's child was diagnosed with Cancer(Kendrick) I start to really realize that weather times are good or bad they are so very important. We never know what day is our last with our loved ones. I love you Hunter and Rustyand I am truely blessed to be your mother!

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very sweet post!