Sunday, October 07, 2007

They grow up so fast!

Rusty and Hunter just amaze me when they want to help. They simply love t take out the trash It is awesome! It would be so nice if chores would always be this easy:) They both want to help do everything. Sometimes however it is more work with their help and I just have to say no.

The boys ask every morning if they can take the trash out and if it is not trash day they are a little extra grumpy in the morning.

Rusty is now sleeping in his big boy bed. He has done really good.

The second morning after taking the rail down I went to get him up and he was gone. I was having a panic attack walking around the house searching frantically when I finally just sat down on his bed to cry. Thinking what in the world has happened. When I heard him start whining. He was under his bed! I have never hugged him so hard in my life. Later I laughed about it but at the time it was far from funny. Luckily it has not happened again.

Look at that smile:)

I really want to get him pottied trained. He knows when he is going most of the time and he tells me sometimes that he needs a diaper. He has done his business on the potty a few times but he is just not interested. however Mommy is ready! I guess that doesn't count:) I guess I get it easy with one child and not the other. I simply told Hunter we are not wearing diapers any more and if you have an accident you get all wet. He had very few accidents because he could not stand to be Dirty at all. Rusty on the other hand wets his underwear and never notices.
We are also having problem with Rusty behaving. He has bitten a few to many times. We have tried rewarding him for good behavior and spanking him, talking and time out when he is not so good. I wish I could make him stop. We have tried and we still are. Luckily the mothers of the victims have been very understanding while I just want beat his bottom and make it never happen.
Today at church, of all places, a lady told me that my child was just out of control and a handful rambunctious child. At times I would agree with her but this is the first itme she has ever seen my child. I just wanted to punch her lights out. My children are wild at times but not all the time! They are kids!!! And she had no right!!!!
Well enough said for now!