Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 09

I am so behind on posting but I'm just going to start with Chrstmas.
The boys were very excited about Christmas this year. There was lots of talks about Santa and even a few calls made to let Santa know that he needed to watch the boys closely. We have so many Christmas gatherings and it is so nice to visit with family and friends. When we went to see Santa the line was not very long thank goodness because the boys couldn't wait to see Santa. Sadly Hunter was told that Santa was not real so it took a lot of convincing to make him believe. We just told him when you belienve he brings presents and if you don's he will not! Here are the boys waiting to see Santa.

They both could not wait to make their request. Rusty asked for a 4 wheeler, a DS and a Rocking Horse. Hunter asked for a new DS and a 4 Wheeler, and a Mario Game. They were so cute talking to Santa.

This was our year to stay in Texas. My kids were really upset because we were not going to Nebraska because they wanted snow for Christmas. Well, we stayed and still had snow but not as much.
Being with my family for Christmas was so nice, but much different without my dad and Meme. We remembered them by telling stories about them and remembering the good times.
Santa visits the Bush family on Christmas Eve night. Unbelievably the boys got their four wheelers which made for a lot of smiles.

I'll post more later. I have to go feed to hungry boys:)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Rusty

Rusty turned 4 this year!! When he woke up I asked him if he knew what day it was and he screamed "It's my birthday". I asked if he knew what that meant and he said it was his party day. I asked him if that meant he was four now and he did the funniest thing. He reached down touched his legs from his feet to his hips, he touched his belly and arms and screamed " I AM BIGGER NOW, I"M really 4" It was so cute and hilarous. He then jumped up and said" Hunter, Hunter, look at me I am a big boy now can you tell I'm big I am four" I wish I had the video camera out taping his excitment.
For his birthday this year we went to pump it up and had an amazing time. This best part was watching Rusty open his gifts and get so excited about each and everyone of them! He would say" It's mine all mine!" and Smile from ear to ear!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Girl Cousin's Weekend 2009

Each year the Bush Girl Cousins get together for a weekend. We had so much fun this year dressing up, playing games and making crafts.

This was the eighth year that we have gotten together. It has been a great experience gettign to know cousins and hearing stories about them growing up. it make sme feel so close to me Papa and Daddy!

Jennie and Meagan were my summer sisters. I went camping for many years with their family and they have always been like sisters!

My mom was absolutely beautiful as always! i am so glad to have a mom that I am so close to!! I don't know what I would do with out her in my life!

After returning from the weekend I even made a birthday present for a friend of Hunter's using the same idea. Thanks Jennie for teaching us to be crafty!

Columbus Day

Columbus day the boys and I got to stay home together. We ahd so much fun and we had free entertainment. They are working on our street and when you have boys they want to see all the action. We went and got donuts that we ate while watching the men at work. I'm sure they loved our stares . Here are some pictures mostly taken by the photographer Hunter!!!!

After watching all the men work the boys wanted to work and get dirty too! Rusty would not let me take his picture of him at work. He was digging up the empty flower bed and putting the dirt all over the driveway. It was a mess but he was having so much fun!

Friday, September 18, 2009


My best friend's five year old son passed away this morning at 12:45. Please keep him family in your prayers. he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor last November.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

6 happy thing

I was tagged by Megan to list six different things that make me happy so here goes!!

1) I am so happy to have a Lord and Saviour that loves me and watches over me! I always wonder how those who do not have god as a part of their life make it from day to day!! I know every moment of every day My god is watching over me and listening to me. What greater gift could anyone ask for.

2)My number two would have to be my wonderful husband Kevin. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary in Branson, Mo. I cannot imagine my life without him. I love this man with all of my heart and I know he feels the same.

This is a picture of us in the pizza parlor at the Children's Museum in Nebraska.
3) My boys are a happy part of my life. They know how to bring a smile to my face. An example would be Rusty at the mall with me when I tried on a dress. He was very grumpy and ready to go. I put on the dress and he smiled and said my mommy is a princess. My hunter has grown up so much so fast. Yesterday at the grocery store I forgot to get chips for the salsa. He wanted to go get it for me so I sent him on his way and he did it!!! I was so proud of him and he was so proud of himself!!!This is a picture of the boys at the park in Arkansas City. They had a blast playing on the train but it was so hot that we did not stay for long.

Here are the boys at the Children's Museum in Nebraska, it is a very cool place to go!

4)My mom is one of those people that just makes everyone happy!! She brings out the best in everyone!! She would do anything to help some one else out. She is not only my mom but my best friend. This has been a very rough year for her and the rest of us as well. One year ago today my daddy passed away. I have never seen her hurt so bad, yet she has helped out so many others who have experienced her pain in the last few month. She calls and sends cards to those who loose their spouse and they are all complete strangers. I'm no the only one that this wonderful lady makes happy!

5) Vacations makes me happy! There is nothing like getting away from the real world to enjoy yourself and relax.

Here are just a few pictures for our Anniversary trip to Branson!
There was a Titanic museum. To bad they didn't allow camera on the inside:(
This is our hotel that we stayed in, The Castle Inn!! it was very nice!
We rode the Ducks while in Branson onto Table Rock Lake! It was fun except I got soaked when driving into the lake. I got a big splash right in my face!!!
6)And last but not least Friends and family make me happy!! I love getting together and catching up with those I love so much. We just need to do it more often!

Now I have to tag 6 people


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bring on the summer!

The Smallest helper of the house helping day install a new faucet

Rusty and Hunter loved the coast!

AND thinks to alot of dead grass we get to have fun in the mud! God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys!! I was just as dirty as they were!
Hunter graduated form Kindergarten. This is his teacher Miss McDonald. My Muddy happy Rusty!
My Graduate Hunter Hunter played his second year of T-Ball and did such a great job. he was best on the pitchers mount where he earned 2 game galls for lots of outs!

Summer has started off great this year. We have had three great days filled with lots of fun! To bad I can't show you any pictures. Thanks to our dog Lucky who chewed up my camera. Hopefully Best Buy will call soon with news that it is fixed. So for now I an tell you about our summer.

The kids and I are trying to spend as much time as we can outside early in the day before it gets to hot. They should have legs of steal by the end of summer from all the running and bike rides. Each day we spend a little time doing what the kids call school time. We are trying to make sure he knows his colors. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't but he is only three and he would rather trick you by saying the wrong color. So far we have practiced orange and green. And I think he has those colors down. I try to make it fun. We spend the morning looking for orange things while we are out and about. I have come to realize orange is his favorite color. We practice orange this morning by going to a park that had an orange playground, eating goldfish and oranges. Hunter has had a great time helping Hunter look for things that are the color of the day. We also worked on the #1 , what it looks like. Hunter and I are working on his writing. He usually complains because he would rather do something else. So we take turns writing. It reminds me so much of teaching 1st grade. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT MY HUNTER IS GOING TO BE A 1st GRADER!!!! WOW!!!!! So that has been our summer so far.

I also want to update everybody about the last post. Toby has pretty much made a full recovery. he will still need on going help to keep him where he is at but he is doing great. They are doing lots of Fundraisers to help with their financial situation. There is a benefit dinner on June 26th. Email me if you would like more information

Tyler my student will go into the hospital next week to start his Bone Marrow transplant. He is so lucky to have his grandparents. I don't know what he would do with out them.

Kendrick still wakes up each day with a smile. Some days are better than others. They are just living life day by day and enjoying the time they have.

As for Rusty, he has been diagnosed for now as having ODD(Oppositional Defiant Disorder). he has started taking medication and we have seen a huge improvement. he is not fixed it still is constant work but much more manageable. We are reading and learning as much as we can to help not only him but us as well. Things are really looking up in the Crabtree house. Yippee!!!

Well enough blabbering, here are some pics from the spring~

I think I have prayed more this year than ever in my life. Without GOD life would just be impossible.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I haven’t written a blog lately to share the wonderful times we have had because there is just not much time. Lately I have been so down with what to do about Rusty’s behavior and I am always hesitant to share that side of my life. He gets evaluated on Monday at the Child Study center and I hope to get some answers. I have started an awards chart again and it has worked pretty well the last few days.
I have however really stopped and thanked God for giving me two healthy children. These behaviors are horrible but nothing like not knowing the future of your child. My two very best friends have children who are not healthy at the moment. Kendrick Alicia’s son was diagnosed around Thanksgiving with a brain tumor. He is doing well but I know it is a constant worry for his family. Tuesday I found out that Elisha’s son Toby has Encephalitis and is not doing well. He has lost use of his legs for the moment. He is unable to sit, hold his head up or walk. I also have a student Tyler who has Leukemia for the third time. He is suppose to have a bone marrow transplant soon. However the chemo is causing his kidneys to stop functioning correctly and it is effecting his breathing as well. It is really hard when you have no idea what to say to your best friends when they are hurting. I am asking everyone to please pray for these three little boys.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Surgery went well

Kevins' Surgery is done and over. Now we just have to wait for him to recover. He is still in recovery due to a shortages of rooms so. I have only seen him for 5 minutes since he got out of surgery and can't see him again until he gets a room:( When you go through something like this you truely see how much you love a person. I love Kevin with all of my heart and can't wait for him to feel better. I love you sweetheart!
I have to also say that I have the best mother in the world. She stayed by my side all day today! And thank you Bridget for stopping by to keep us company:)

Monday, February 02, 2009

A busy week

This week Kevin is having back surgery yet again! He has been down with his back since the early part of Dec. I hope with surgery he will be feling better soon. Hunter is also home today with Strep, yuck! I hope both of my guys are up and going again soon!

Monday, January 05, 2009


This year for Christmas with my family we went to my brother house a few days before Christmas to have dinner and Present and had a great time doing so. It is so different without my dad. It still seems like we should enter the room and him be sitting there. We did have a great Christmas and I enjoyed thinking back to my many precious memories of my dad. I will always cherish each moment I have with all those I love because you never know which moment will be your last.

The best present I got this year was a poem from one of my friends(Marion) Here it it:
First Christmas in Heaven I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars, reflecting on the snow The sight is so spectacular,please wipe away the tear For I am spending Christmas withJesus Christ this year.I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear But the sounds of music can't compare with the Christmas choir up here.I have no words to tell you,the joy their voices bring,For it is beyond description,to hear the angels sing.I know how much you miss me,I see the pain inside your heart.But I am not so far away,We really aren't apart.So be happy for me, dear ones,You know I hold you dear.And be glad I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.I sent you each a special gift,from my heavenly home above.I sent you each a memory of my undying love.After all, Loveis a gift more precious than pure gold.It was always most important in the stories Jesus told.Please love and keep each other,as my Father said to do.For I can't count the blessing or love he has for each of you.So have a Merry Christmas and wipe away that tear.Remember, I am spending Christmaswith Jesus Christ this year Author Unknown

This year was our year to go to Nebraska. I was not excited what so ever because I wanted to be home with my mom. I knew it would be a tough year. But we all made it thru. We actually had a White Christmas. It was so much fun and absolutely beautiful. The boys had a blast. Ever since I can remember Hunter has always asked when it would snow so he could make snow angels. And even if it did snow here there was never enough for snow angels. There was not much snow but more than we would have gotten in Texas and the snow is real now not Sleet! Here is the first thing Hunter did in the snow.

And he knew exactly what to do

He made many snow angels And they were just perfect.

Rusty made his attempts also but it was more like rolling with the giggles
If you know me very well you know that I hate the cold but I spent as much time as I could outside and I quickly learned to stay busy to stay warm. the plan was to get the boys the build a snow man but I did all the work. But I have to say I had the time of my life. watching my boys run giggle and have so much fun while bundled up like Eskimos and red little faces.

The boys quickly learned that throwing ice was not as fun as throwing Snow. Rusty was hit in the face and got cut. He was lucky that it missed his eye. There were a few tears but then he was off to play again.
Here are a few pictures from Christmas
Grandad and Rusty
The boys inside the giant tree in Great Grandma's yardHunter enjoying his new DS with his mommy
Grandad(Kevin's Dad) and me
Kevin and Nina(Kris - Kevin's mom)The boys playing guitarsThe boys and Nathan

My grandma and RustyMy grandma now called Nanny and the boysPa and the boys