Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sea World

We took the boys to Sea Word and had a blast. Watching their faces glow with excitment was incredible. We drove in from Corpus and they were so glad to get out of the car. We were worried that we might get rained on but that might be refreshing was our thought. And it di rain but not until we were readu to leave. Running from one show to the next was a challenge but once we got thereit was well worth it. Hunter rode his fist small roller coaster and loved it. I think if he was big enough he would have riden anything. Rusty was just amazed at all he had to see.

He was fussy at times and just wanted to run so we would take breaks from the crowds and just set him free. However when there were animals around he would just stop and stare in amazement. You could see the wheels turning. He kept saying " Pool fishies and then trying to get in with the dolphins. And he was really dissappointed when he could not get in. We did go to the water park area but Hunter was still not big enough to get on the slides. Whichwas fine with me because I'll go up but I'm not much for sliding from way up and water. But I would have done it if he could go. kevin talked about going up and I talked him out of it. All I need is for him to have back surgery again! NO THANKS! We did play in the wave pool and the lazy river. I wish I could have had my carea i nt he water. I need to get a water proof camera for this next ime. In the wave pool Rusty and I stayed int he shallow end he had on a life jacket and he would fall and roll over int he water. Face int he water and all. yet he would stand back up laugh and do it again on purpose. It was the greatest. After doing it many time he would come up hug me and fall again. Hunter and Daddy jumped the waves and had a blast. Hunter kept asking why it was a little ocean and not big. later we did the lazy river. We stuck a life jacket on Hunter and let him swim to us. He had a lot of giigles. And I held on to Rusty form a tube and just let him swim away. When we got to the rapids each time he would laugh and squeal and everyone else would laugh with him.

Then the bad part came. We had to go home. TEARS!!!!! Screams!!!! and here comes the fits. but we survived and they were asleep in their car seats before we left the parking space.

This was the ride out to the car after the fits ended. Mommy and Daddy were POOPed and so were these two

I have to say trips with two little one is a lot of work and difficult but I would do it all again right now. There were so many unbelieveable moment that I will trasure forever.

Even the car ride as crazy as it was at times we had some good laugh. From Rusty saying "NIGHT NIGHT BEEBEE" everytime he was ready to go to sleep even in the middle of the night, which is what tell him when he goes to bed. The the talking dophin that Hunter and Rusty kept pretending to be, And the Simple words from Hunter. Mommy can the truck stop so that you can just hold me please:) Wow being a mom is amazing and incredible.

The beach

We were actually able to go on a short vacation this year. With kevin's new job we were not sure it would actually happen. Rusty and Hunter had a blast. The first day on the beach was a bit crazy. We drove Kevin's new truck and did not consider how it might drive on the sand. BUt it took us anout 5 minutes to find out. WE GOT STUCK!!!! The first time we worked and dug our way out but them we just maded it worse. We ended up digging off and on for an hour and then we called for help. We have a roadside assistant plan but who woul have guesses it doesn't cover you 100 yards off a paved road so we called a tow truck and evnetually got out! The left back tire when all ws said and done was about 2 feet in the sand. However we still had a blast and just laughed about the crazy morning.

When Hunter was this age he was terrified of the waves and didn't like to get dirty. But Rusty dove right in. At least until he fell in and was slashed my a wave. Hunter had a blast jumping the waves and just laying in it.

We had a blast in Corpus. Hunter and Rusty could live right on the water and never leave:) I had a blast watching them have so much fun. God has some beautiful creations, The ocean the sand and my beautiful family.