Saturday, December 02, 2006

Visiting Santa and family pictures

Today we went to get our family pictures and then we went tovisit Santa since the boys were dressed so darn cute. They were both just awesome for pictures. Hunter tried to pull the I'm not going to smile for family pictures but the photographer was awesome an she had oth boys smiling forboth pictures. It was actually fun and not a pain. Hunter was so excited about Santa we had told him that we sould probably just walk by because I figured there would be a line. Howerver, there wer two kids in line so we joined the Santa line. Guess what Hunter ask for? A new vaccum. Yes my child is crazy. He got a toy vaccum last year that now needs batteries and he thinks he needs a new one. he wil not tell us anything else that he wants. Crazy little boy. As for Rusty he was fine with looking at Santa but di not really like teh idea of being on his lap. Out of the three pics to choose from this is the only one that he is not looking at Santa with a very concerened sad face.
Afer us there was a baby gong to see Santa that was about 7 months old. His reaction was so cute. He just stared at Santa with open mouth. They could not get his attention. So they just took that pose. Santa decide to have the same open mouth look as the baby. It was adorable.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Trick or Treat

This year we carved two pumpkins. We let Hunter direct us on what kind of faces we wanted He cleaned the pumpkins, Kevin and I cut them, and Rusty well he played, ate and made a mess. But we had so much fun. I do not have pictures yet but Rusty was Superman and Hunter was a skeleton. Hunter wanted to be a scary monster, which to him was a skeleton with guts coming out. However we talked him into a regular skeleton.
Every October we make the joke that we are going to lock Hunter up during the month. Every year he get hurt.
1st year 2 stitches in head, 2nd year fractured leg, last year just a black eye and cut next to eye. and this year he ran into a wall running and once again got stitches above his eyebrow. He was sucha tough guy. He wasn't crying when I arrived to take him for stitches, however I was pretty close. he only cried when he got a shot and then just laid there and got stitches. I watched every move the doctor took and thanked God that it was only stitches and nothing more. I hate to see my baby hurt.

Rusty's First Steps

My Rusty will not be a baby to much longer. He took his first steps on Oct. 6th at my mom's house. We were about to leave them with my mom and I told her he is so close to taking steps, and if he does do not tell me I want to think I saw it first. The little rugrat stood up and took 3 steps. Wow if he always follows directions this well then I am in for a treat:) He took 8 steps tonight to walk to me. He has become extra loving. He hugs and kisses. But the kisses are dangerous and messy. He kisses open mouth and well with 5 teeth if he closes his mouth it is a bit painful. I just love the smiles of my boys. PRICELESS

Monday, September 25, 2006

So tired

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. I need new pictures the boys are changing so much. But I haven't been able to develop any just yet. We have been so Busy in the Crabtree house. School is wild and none stop. I have two new team mates on my team and I feel like I am still so new to 5th grade yet I have to teach them the ropes. My classes are so low and I have been taking it personal. Am working so hard yet I'm not getting any thing back. I pray that by the end of the year my hard work will pay off. This is just a tough group of kids. Kevin has been gone a lot and it's really hard. He is the junior high youth leader at our church now and it takes a lot of our time together away. I know he is doing God's work but I really need more time with him. Is that selfish of me? He is also still taking college courses and filling out applications all over to try to get a police officer position. I have also taken on a role of a Shepard in our children's service. I love it!!! It is so rewarding when doing GOD's work. It gives you such a wonderful and powerful feeling. But then again I am so tired. I just need to breath for a minute. I have to say that typing this is actually relieving my stress and helping me to express what I really can't put in words. Well enough rambling for onenight:)

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Best Sound

Tonight we had Meet the Teacher Night at school. Oh boy hip hip hooray. Actually to be honest it went really well. I'm getting a little less nervous each year. Anyways since we had Meet the Teacher I didn't get home from work until 7:55. When I walked into the door Hunter came running screaming "mommy, mommy your home... I'm so glad you are here." It is awesome to hear your child say how much he loves you in such great words. It was like in the movies when you see people running to each other and jumping into each others arms. Then as I continues to talk to HUnter. Rusty started giggling. When I walked into the leaving room Rusty was standing on Kevin's belly jumping smiling yelling with joy and reaching for me saying"MMMMMMMM" WoW!!!! What a welcome home. I'm sure Kevin was just as happy to see me as well. He probably needed a break:)

On a different note. Kevin needs prayers. He has hurt his back again. H is on lite duty at work and has physical therapy 3 days a week.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


We have the best sitter of all times. It is so nice to go to work and know that my kids are not only save but having fun also. ON the left you see Hunter in his Larry boy hat. On the right you see Rusty and one of his play mates just cracking up.
Dana our sitter sends me pictures almost everyday. it is so nice to see what they are doing and to know that they are happy. I thank God for blessing us with Dana each day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My boys

Rusty Thomas 7 months old

Hunter 3 and a half and Rusty 7 months

I love being a mommy! It is incredible. Hunter is 3 and a half and Rusty is 8 months old. I can hardly believe how fast they have grown. They learn so much so fast. I wish sometimes they would really slow down. While at other times I can not wait for Hunter to grow out of the "Why" stage and Rusty will learn it is ok for mommy to walk two feet away. I know when those stages pass I will miss the moment. I go back to work on Monday I am going to miss them so much. I know there is no way I could mentally or physically be a stay at home mom, but I love my summers of and my school years working. It is just hard to get in the routine of leaving. Enough rambling, here is a picture of my two little handsome men:)

The blog world

Well here I am finally with a blog. I have a myspace account but Kevin hates me using it with the bad rep it has. But I only use it to keep up with High School friends. I love begin able to click on here and just talk or read others blocs and feel like I'm getting adult time. I love my boys but sometimes I need to feel connected to the rest of the world too. It makes you wonder how people survived in the old days. No Phones, no TV, no computers.... I guess they were addicted to these things like we are today.