Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night I had an unbelievable GOD moment.
Hunter is playing Upward basketball at a church in Fort Worth where Kevin and I were once members. We have since started attending as well. I have prayed a lot lately about church and where do I belong. I don't always feel like I belong at our church that we have attended for years. I want a church where I can learn and worship but also have relationships as well. I haven't felt that in a while. I have always loved Pastor Steve's sermons but the rest is lacking for me. I'm sure it is just me and probably has nothing to do with anyone else. I see those who have their good friends there and I don't have that and leave feeling lost and left out. To make a long story short, we have been at my old church for about a month. The sermons are great and I have tons of family there. My kids are very happy as well but are confused about leaving the other church as well.
Other than family I have not really built any relationships there up until last night.
Some of you know about our difficulty with raising Rusty. Rusty has Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. Hunter also has been diagnoised as ADHD. Most people have advice for what I am not doing right or whatI should do and just never seem to understand. I often do not tell anybody simply because the looks on their faces tell you what they really think or they just stay away when they see how he sometimes behaves.
As a mother you often feel alone in this situation and you don't understand unless you have been there. Last night at basketball practice I sat next to another mother that I have talked to briefly before. Some how or another the topic of Rusty's O.D.D came up and I went to explain and she stopped me. She knew!!!! Her 7 year old has the same thing and they have been through the same thing!!! It was such an amzing feeling for someone to understand. As she talked tears came to my eyes I just couldn't believe that someone else really understood. I am sorry that she too has to experience this but so grateful that God helped us connect. We talked for an entire hour about our struggles and nodded constantly at each other because we each had the same experiences. However her husband has been in Iraq over a year and she has had to do it on her own. She is a tough and amazing Women. Thank you God so much for all of the improvements we have seen in both of our boys and thank you God for making Renee a part of my life.
It is amazing to me that out of the 100's of people I could have sat next to and spoke to in that gym and church that I sat next to the one that needed to hear my story I need to hear hers. I don;t know about you but I think it was all about God truely answering and making himself present!


Katie said...

How did I not know that you're a blogger??? i'm glad i found it!

Megan said...

I'm so glad you had that moment! God is so faithful and knows just what we need.

We've been visiting other churches, too. It's hard to make a break from a place where we've been for such a long time, but we really feel God telling us to take a step in faith.

I'll be praying for you guys as you make a decision about a church home.

Megan said...

PS - It has been confusing for Ramsey, too...