Sunday, April 11, 2010


This was typed up about spring break time. Ooops

The Crabtree family has been busy playing sports and having a great time doing it. First Hunter played basketball and Rusty took swim lessons. Hunter was amazing at basketball. He focuses so well when he plays.
Below Hunter is in the Orange. He made a shot and missed and now he is trying to get the ball again
Below Hunter has the ball and is ready to shoot. ANd he scored:) He was so awesome to watch. It was really hard to take pictures though!
Rusty waiting for his first swim lesson.
Rusty swimming. If you put Rusty in the water where he has control to touch the bottom he swims like a fish .

Rusty's swim lessons were at the same time as Hunter's game so Kevin and I took turns taking each of them.

Then both of the boys played soccer and we had a blast. Hunter loves soccer just as much as basketbal. Rusty had a very competitive coach who refused to let Rusty play any postion besides goalie. And if you know Rusty he like to be moving not standing still. Hopefully Rusty will want to play soccer next year and will have a lot more fun.


Emily and Justin said...

I'm so glad you're following our blog and excited to see yours as well! Hope you and your sweet little ones are enjoying your Christmas break together! So good to hear from you.

Mommy to 6 LITTLE People said...

I just read all your posts back to the day Kendrick passed away and I realized, I need to get on blogspot more. Wow. You guys have a lot going on. Love the pics of the kids they are growing so much. miss you bunches. I am so thankful you found a friend to share your ODD experience with. It does help to know someone gets it exactly. I know how yo feel lonely. It is the same here. I feel alone even with family living close, but we have not been close. I love the pics of you and your mom, you guys look great everyone does. That is a great idea. Well I will read more often. Love you.